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The 1-2-3 Bottom Box is a great option for packaging heavy things. The reason is that it has a Bottom closure. It’s one of the boxes with bottoms available for every kind of object, especially heavy ones. These boxes are called Snap Lock Boxes, Auto Bottom Boxes, or Auto Lock Boxes.

Deciding on the right material and box for your products might seem to be an easy decision, but there are some things you should think about. The main thing to measure is the box’s structure, its style, and how big it is. Corrugated boxes were great options in the past, but now other styles like folding cartons and boxes are taking over.

Boxes with a Bottom closure are best for packaging lots of different things. There are a lot of styles to choose from, like 1-2-3 bottom boxes or seal-end auto bottoms. Bottom closures come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs. But if you want heavyweight products that will last and be safe, then the best choice is 1-2-3 bottom boxes.

A tuck top Bottom box is a type of packaging for heavier products. It’s really easy to assemble, but it doesn’t provide as much security as other types of packaging. The bottom flaps interlock with each other, and you can also add tabs for more strength.

1-2-3 bottom boxes are a great way to pack your items. They’re easy to store and assemble and sit well on the shelves. The best thing about 1-2-3 bottom boxes is that they load quickly!

Do You Want Sustainable & Durable Boxes?

When making and selling products, the most important thing is to ensure they’re safe. 1-2-3 bottom boxes are a good way to do that because they protect your product better than other boxes.

Product safety is the buyer and seller’s main concern when it comes to packaging. 1-2-3 bottom boxes are safer for your product than other boxes that can fold up. They keep your product safe from start to finish and are more durable.

At Custom Boxes Ltd, we have a Bottom and tuck top closure, which makes them stronger. They can protect your product from any damage. Some products need extra protection, so you can put a fence inside to provide more protection.

These boxes have two types of closures: a Bottom closure and a tuck-top closure. Both of these features help to protect your product from getting damaged. Sometimes you need more protection, so some boxes have fence portions inside to protect against damage.

Unique & Manual Assembling

These Boxes provide a unique puzzle-like assembly process for customers to enjoy. While it takes extra time, the easy assembly process is the best part of these boxes. With just three steps, you can easily assemble the box.

It is ready to be enjoyed. That’s why it is called a 1-2-3 bottom box! We hope that everyone can enjoy our fun and unique assembly process. Start with folding the largest Bottom panel, then two end panels; next, fold and press in the remaining Bottom panel, for it is also called a special folding carton. A unique locking mechanism makes it stronger than both tuck-top snap boxes and tuck-top Bottom boxes.

Accessible Customization

There are a plethora of customization and printing options when it comes to 1-2-3 bottom boxes. From size to material, everything you can customize according to your needs. In this way, you have a useful marketing tool for the awareness and promotion of your brand.

It is possible to print the logo, company name, or other promotional ideas on the top and side of the boxes. This allows for a clever form of marketing when done well with modern techniques by merging tiny details and using perfect color combinations. It is also possible to do window patches, cutouts, or other variations in customizing your box.

Final Verdicts

We specialize in bringing your vision to life by offering various custom sizes and options for 1-2-3 bottom boxes. We provide services such as foiling, Spot UV, embossing, and plastic window for the boxes in Kraft, Eco-friendly and E-flute material with coatings available in gloss and matte or uncoated.

Our fast turnaround time meets our commitment to satisfaction and quality services. With Custom Boxes Ltd, you can trust that you’ll get the highest level of care and precision with your packaging

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